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About Maple

"Maple Fleet Services are the leading authority on commercial vehicle security & safety solutions. Founded in 1974 by Jim Maple, in response to a market severely lacking in sophisticated commercial vehicle security systems, Maple Fleet Services quickly became one of the key driving forces in developing innovative, high quality, practical solutions for the commercial vehicle operator. It’s those very foundations on which the business was built, innovative design, passion for engineering excellence and a comprehensive understanding of the logistics and road transport industry that have continued to drive the business forward."

Continuous Research & Development

From our Head-Office and research facility in Stockport, we are dedicated to providing real solutions for real problems experienced by the fleet industry, listening to our customers to understand the pressures and the demands they face every day. Our commitment to continuous development also extends to providing tailored solutions for our clients and their own specific operations. It’s a philosophy that has formed the catalyst to many of our most successful product developments and is testimony to why our customers return to us time and time again. Today, as our own customer’s fleet management pressures, demands and legislative requirement have evolved, so to has our extensive product portfolio. Maple Fleet Services continue to embrace new technologies to develop new and exciting security solutions for the fleet industry, we’ve also expanded our product range, incorporating safety solutions, fuel saving devices and power management solutions.


Vehicle Installation & Servicing Standards

Since day one Maple Fleet Services has always understood the importance of high quality installation and support, recognising the responsibility we have to our customers. This passion for quality can be traced back to the early days of our organisation, Jim Maple was responsible for the code of practice for installation of security on HGV’s that was adopted by the Vehicle Security Installation Board (VSIB); He later went on to chair the Mobile Electronics & Security Federation (MESF); truly Maple Fleet Services is the mark of quality by which commercial vehicle security and installation is set.

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