Frequently asked questions

When will I get my order?

Our lead time is currently 5-7 working days for orders requiring ‘to differ’ padlocks and ‘Keyed alike’ orders 10-14 working days. Orders for more than 10 units may be subject to longer lead times, please contact the sales team for more details.

How easy is it to install a Turtle or BDL lock?

Intallation is very straightforward, and our installation guides can be provided upon request. Feel free to email or call should you require this information.

How many keys do I get with the padlock?

You receive two keys with each ‘to differ’ padlock and one with each ‘keyed alike’ padlock. Additional keys can be ordered at £18.00 each.

How much do the units weigh?

BDL = 6.67kg BDL With Padlock = 7.79kg Turtle Lock = 6.28Kg Turtle Lock with Padlock = 7.40Kg PadLock – 1.12kg